Tips for Choosing the Right Planner

Tips for Choosing the Right Planner

The end of the year is often a time filled with reflection, anticipation and, for the planner enthusiasts among us, a thrilling expedition to find the perfect planner for the sparkling New Year ahead. As we peel back the layers of 2023 and prepare to step into the untouched canvas of 2024, it's time to consider how we can best equip ourselves to make the upcoming year everything we hope for—and more!


Choosing the perfect planner is no quick feat. It's a personal, instinctive and unique process that necessitates careful consideration. Today, we are dedicated to helping you navigate these waters as smoothly as possible. Settle in as we unpack six golden tips to help you pinpoint your dream planner match for 2024.


Important Tips to Finding Your Perfect Planner

Your planner is your steadfast time-management partner, an extension of your thoughts, and a blueprint for your ideal self. Therefore, it must align organically with your lifestyle, goals, and instincts. Here are some tips that you should consider:

1. Outline Your Planner's Role

Ask yourself, "What is my planner's central purpose?" Some might need a planner to manage their busy schedules, while others could be seeking a tool to track healthy habits or jot down their thoughts. Identifying the core functionality you desire should be your first step to narrowing down your options.


2. Weigh the Layout Pros and Cons

Different planner layouts cater to different thinking styles and requirements. Weekly layouts offer a macro view and the space to script to-do lists, while daily layouts provide ample room to jot down thoughts, doodle, or track habits. Choose a planner format that complements your mode of thinking and eases your scheduling process.


3. Consider the Type of Binding

The binding of your planner isn't just about aesthetics—it also affects its functionality and durability. Spiral-bound planners generally lay flat more easily, and softbound binding ones can be sturdier and longer-lasting. Choose a binding type that ensures functionality and durability while maintaining visual appeal.


4. Budget Matters

As tempting as it is to splurge on an expensive planner, a higher price tag doesn't always guarantee happiness. When scouting for your perfect planner, keep in mind the price point that fits your budget. It's important to invest in a planner that not only meets your needs but is also wallet-friendly. Remember, a higher price tag doesn't always equate to a better fit.


5. Read Reviews

Take time to read product reviews. They offer invaluable insights into the planner’s quality, usability, and potential drawbacks. It's an easy way to avoid disappointment and to ensure your chosen planner has stood the test of real-world use.


At Smart Panda, we believe in creating planners that are functional, stylish, and affordable. That's why we've curated an expansive catalogue of planners for 2024, each designed thoughtfully with your needs in mind.


Ready to find your perfect planner? Check out our catalogue now!

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