Smart Panda was created from my love of productivity and design. I look for ways to squeeze time to its limits and I love the feeling of accomplishment when things get done.


Things started to reach a new level when I started to focus on the bigger picture and to use personalised tools to help me hack my time. I developed these tools initially for myself and my family, to help me become a better person and to achieve the things I wrote down.


I love the feeling of starting with a blank canvas, then developing ideas and ultimately finishing with a unique product that inspires the human mind to shift into gear.


But, setting goals and working towards them is a long-term process that shouldn’t be rushed. We’re a company that believes it’s the small steps we make in life that make the difference. It’s easy to lose focus since you don’t see the small improvements every day. But, we do the best we possibly can to help you along your journey. All of our products are custom designed with quality and endless possibility in mind.


Our customers are students, professionals, family people and everyone in between! In a world where distractions are everywhere and attention has become a prized commodity, we’re here to help you stay on track.


Smart Panda is our way of sharing our love for design to inspire people to get organised and to take action!


- Nigel Lan, Founder / CEO