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The following is just a sample of the positive feedback we have received. We pasted them from online reviews and emails sent by happy customers. 

Love this! Have been writing weekly meal plan on paper and sticking to fridge up to seeing this on prime lightening deal. This is bigger, brighter and easier to edit. I use one half to write what's in freezer can delete it as we eat it. So much better than paper. "Sticks" well to fridge and pens too. Little dry wipe erasers on pen lids very good. Highly recommend (already have to work friends!) A L Gray
Really useful to keep track of all the chores of the house. It comes with 4 pens of different colours that also have a magnet attached, which is super handy. We each have a colour for our own chores, which is great to keep track of who has to do what and also to make sure the répartition is fair Elizabeth
I ordered this board as my daughter had ordered it too and absolutely loved it. So when I ordered mine it arrived in perfect packaging and on time. It's really good, I have already used it so many times and would highly recommend it to anyone. It's great value for money and when living in a fast paced life, it's brilliant also for leaving messages for your family. I would definitely recommend buying this product. buyer
What a find. A helpful aide memoir that is stuck to the fridge door so I cannot lose it! lmroberts
Excellent planner and reminder. Very nice product. It arrived very quickly and will act as a meal planner and somewhere I can write special reminders of things not to forget.
The pens come in four different colours and have an eraser at the end of each pen. The magnets hold the planner and the pens on the fridge easily.
Overall an excellent item and very pleased with it.
pavlova girl
The board is a good size with plenty of space to write in. This is exactly what I wanted - pens are an added bonus, the little rubbers on the ends are especially handy. The board is a good size with plenty of space to write in. Love it. Highly recommended. C4cat
Fit perfectly on my fridge and markers working fine. I am now able able to plan daily ...Product was delivered on time and without folding( thankfully!). Fit perfectly on my fridge and markers working fine. I am now able able to plan daily activities for myself and so is my wife and our daughter's schedule with a common view across. Thats started helping us get organised much better and manage dependcies well without surprises!

pradeep bellary

Great whiteboard. My partner was very pleased with his board, also his son was impressed so we bought one for him too, fits on the front of the fridge lovely , good service, would recommend this item Julie Spring
Looks good! Just received this a couple of days ago. Have yet to use it but it's a great looking chart and looks fantastic on my fridge.. Will give more info when have got into using it! Arrived quickly. 18994
Exactly what I needed. A bit bigger than expected however it just gives more room to write on. The pens were a nice bonus. Shopaholic
Now sitting happily on my fridge door - the planner is ideal for meal planning, and because it is a white board and the pens wipe out easily I can just modify as needs be without any trouble at all - much easier than pen and paper which gets really messy. Naomi
Perfect - just what I needed with the ability to customise the columns - now in daily use so I don't forget things. V Useful coming with pens too. Cheers Twist71
Simply perfect, I use this as there are 3 of us living at home so makes planning our week so easy, wipes thoroughly clean, inline some boards that discolour. Would highly recommend Jayne
Very useful I follow a diet .. it has also helped with less food waste .. I plan my meals and on the last column write a list for the supermarket .. take a pic on my phone saved a fortune highly recommend Snugsmum

The planner is just what we need to help everyone know where they need to be when. Whilst the adults have electronic diaries to remind them, the kids sometimes need visual reminders, and this has been just the trick. Pens are great, match the colours on the board and robust but fine enough for the space. Not sure what a family of 5 or more do though? Our fridge is integrated so haven't tested the magnetic qualities but with a bit of blu tac it sticks fine to the side and everyone is happy!

Wow!!! Best thing I have bought for ages.
Missing an important appointment prompted me to find something, as my calendar gets full and can miss things so here it is in full view of all the family most of the time being on the fridge!!
Also been a bit of fun too writing little messages. The 4 coloured magnetic pens are a great addition too, what fantastic value for the money!
Great item. We use ours in portrait mode to list what’s in each drawer of the freezer, saves rummaging and you know exactly what you’ve got. Now just got to use up some of those chickens! Chrisp
Really great product considering the price. Came really quickly in very good packaging. The magnetic strength is brilliant and holds firmly to the fridge. This is really good for getting the kid(s) involved in planning the week and participating in family decisions. alan
We have alway hed ritone in our home but this chart has gone down well we use it so we know where everyone is and what they ment to be doing easy to yes and set up can be used for diffren things Cheryl Turton
Just what I wanted, fantastic product! Gemma
Great quality, very thick strong magnetic sheet. Pens are not so good, magnets on them very poor they hardly stay on fridge. Like others I bought these Staedtler Black Lumocolor Medium 1mm Whiteboard Board Markers Pens (Pack of 3) which work perfectly and would last forever.
Wished I had bought one of these years ago.
I use this planner in my husband's room in the hospice where he is currently being cared for. It's magnetic but it sticks well to his wardrobe door with blutac and I can leave reminders of who's visiting when and any other arrangements. Does the job brilliantly - a simple solution after much searching and improvising. Anniekin
This Smart and easy to use White board has made Meal planning and the recording of grocery items need to buy very easy. My kitchen is a shared space and the Smart Panda is used as a Notice/Message board also. A great purchase, worth every penny spent. Would definitely recommend. The marker ink comes off very easy with kitchen roll, very clean... Ms S Clarke
This is the perfect size to have on the front of my fridge. I use it for menu planning, but also it is so handy for jotting down things I need to add to my shopping list.
It wipes clean easily without leaving a colored smear. The pens that come with it are magnetic as well which keeps them handy, they also have an eraser on the lids which is a really neat idea.
Really pleased with this purchase.
great value for the money very happy with product just what I needed berenice
Good quality. Magnet is fine to stick on the fridge. Does the job perfectly. Eric
Excellent item, fast delivery, perfect for my needs Sarah Davies
nice product, good size andy nightly
Does exactly what I wanted it for to write down work shifts for both me and partner aswell as what's for tea and if we have anything going on in the week. Fits well on the front of our fridge Vikki
Just what I needed! Thank you 👍😉❤️ Alan Lee
Brilliant thank you! Jessica
Just what we wanted. Rosalind Newton
Great product and a good price. Well reviewed and so I similarly purchased and am very pleased. It's a perfect size - big enough but not overwhelming for your fridge. The entire 'board' is magnetic and fits very securely. It's super. The only reason I give it four stars and not five is that the pens aren't the best. Four are supplied, which is great, and they have magnets and mini erasers, which is very useful. However, they are too thick for neat writing in the relatively small boxes - they simply need to be finer tipped. On cleaning my board at the end of the first week some colours also wiped off easier than others which too some rubbing with a wet scourer. I've since purchase 1mm tip pens from Staedtler which are much better (though appreciably not magnetic nor with the erasers) and now I'm all set! Totally recommend overall. Judy Pope
Love this, using it as a meal planner for my family! Rachel Corry
Clear and easy to use with great pens Ms. Catherine Marsh
Brilliant product, great for organising the weeks events Andy Dean
Nicely magnetic! - fits fridge well, pens are magnetic too.  Viv C
For the fridge as it is a magnet. Does the job Amber
Excellent product and service. Exactly as advertised. Highly recommend. GT
loved the interest taken by this company around how best to care for their product. Highly recommend! Allison Turnley
Prefect for easy obtainable information Angel R
I love this item great quality and just what I need to start my new year diet schedule on! KD
Good product, no problems so far, useful as chore board, good to get 4 different pens too. Mrs K J Mills
Perfect size and sticks to the fridge well. Just what I needed for organising lunches dinners and life in general. customer
Household very happy with the whiteboard - comes with pens and erasers, does what it says on the tin. Ed
Fantastic item. Perfect for helping my daughter get organised for GCSES Emmaj79
Very pleased with the magnetic weekly planner, and my children love the magnetic ones that came with it! Lauren W
Does exactly what it says, no more forgetting gym kit on gym day or chanter for music😄 if only it could assist with dinner!!🙃 VL
Great as a motivational tool for tracking daily menus on a well know healthy eating plan. Anne Hale
Excellent planner, just what I need with 3 children and VERY BUSY household Meral B
Nice simple product, received in good time and all working fine. No faults just does what it does! Good magnet too! Natasha Boor
Just what we needed to help organise a homeschool schedule.
Fits well on the fridge,added bonus that it came with some pens
Trina Baldwin
Good product, exactly what we needed for organising kids school diaries, the whole family can see it and add things to it as need be. Vicky
It is way better than expected. It is A3 size, and it is enough to mark my uni schedule, my child activities and my partner's work schedule for a month ahead. Laura
Good product and ideal for writing weekly plans. not actually using it on a fridge but works great nonetheless. Marcopolo
Best Buy of 2018 so far, have saved a fortune by having the motivation to stick to a weekly lunch and dinner meal plan easily stuck on the fridge door :) thank you Timothy J Welsh
Fits perfectly on the front of my fridge, nice strong magnet, and I can't wait to get planning on it! Nicola R
Really handy, arrived exactly as expected, good pens with it and having them magnetic is easier for storage. Really useful and looks good on the fridge. Emily Mayo
Useful little board, perfect for an at a glance planner. Will be purchasing another on. barryscouser64

Exactly as described. Good quality and just what we were looking for.

Nicolas Tulloch
Arrived quickly and does what says on the tin - I'm hoping this magnetic calendar will organise me and my hubby! Corina B
As described. The pens have little rubbers on the end to erase the writing when needed. Sally
Decent price, easy to use, exactly what we wanted! Very handy for all the family and daily life with kids. Happymum

Great, just what I needed - problem is my daughter stole it for homework planning! Pens are good too. Well worth the money.

Does the job well. Big enough to get reasonable amount of info on and pens I particularly like with an eraser on the end. Mrs Louise Robinson
Why didn’t I think of this earlier! Just the right tool to keep us on track with healthy eating plan & having 4 coloured pens makes it fun too Newcie42
This fits perfectly onto the side of our fridge.
We are using it as a meal planner and hopefully, eventually, start listening to the meal planner!
Matt Knight
Excellent planner, can fit all our meals and everything else we have to remember on board, also handy that you get different coloured pens. lisa west
Magnet works perfectly, so in love with it. Had it on my notice board instead of fridge cause Im using it for studies. Nor Atiqah
This is a great wee tool to have in the kitchen to keep track of all the family and shopping needed. I love fact you get 4 pens! Sticks really well and we uhave used it every day since we've had it. For the price it's amazing! Deborah W
Helpful addition to family life. Liz Crosbie
Great board, perfect size to fit on fridge and the 4 different colour pens are a good addition. Late Night Reader
I bought this product for our busy household. Sticks firmly to our fridge, has plenty of room to write on and comes with four 'wipe clean' makers. Perfect! Jacqui
Great quality - just perfect for my needs. Good price too! It's a little too wide for the front door of my fridge, but I'm more than happy to have it on the side. Trish Lowis-Smith
We were fed up of using paper and thought this whiteboard would make life easier. It is the standard size to fit on a fridge so makes the maximum use of space. So far very impressed with this purchase. Shirley
I love this, and so does my daughter. Easy to use, and a great way to see what each of the family has planned for the week ahead. Our fridge door has a slight curve, and the whole planner has a flexible magnet backing, so it sticks perfectly. Anthea Dwyer
Needed something to write the kids jobs up on and this is great ! Brilliant that goes into our fridge door too and each child has their own colour pen G L Freeman
Fantastic product! Really helps me to meal plan which means I am reducing the family's food wastage and am able to be more efficient with the grocery budget. Such a great idea that has many positive benefits. Very helpful if there is a special dietary need in the family to help ensure a good diet too (diabetes in our household). babyontheway
Very good, comes with a number of pens so you can make notes stand out Ian Bannister
Great product! Ordered to help my daughter plan revision for GCSE's and already I can see many more uses for it after she has finished. kaz
Every busy family needs one of these for keeping track of things like homework and activities. Nice and big and the pens also have a magnet in the cap for sticking to the fridge. Tony A

Absolutely love this. Fast delivery. Fabulous quality and so handy for organising and meal planning. Highly recommended!

Lovely large board. Plenty of space to put appointments on and locations, so I can keep track of comings and goings and know when to cook large or small meals! Lovely dry marker pens, different colour for each person, and board wipes off clean every time. Feeling organised! Moonshadow
Sturdy, well produced and packaged. Arrived promptly. The magnetic lids to pens with own wipe tops are great idea and work well. Ideal for working out our different schedules and dinners for week ahead. uddym
Really pleased with this, lots of space, strong magnetic back, looks good. Stuck on my fridge with the children's chores on it! Perfect for a busy family. serious bargain hunter
Good aid to meal planning which helps reduce the weekly shopping bill Truculent Tommy
This is a really nicely made piece. The cover and paper feel luxurious and though protective it is flexible enough - at A4 size -
to slide into your day-bag without packing it out too much. The planning and diary sections are perfectly worked out and categorised as well as one could hope while clearly and cleverly offering the at-a-glance format. If there is one little issue for me personally, it is that the timed break up of the days is based upon the working/academic schedule, so there are redundant early morning hours and nothing after 9 pm (although the notes section is large enough to utilise for that period). However, I can't, of course expect planner makers to base their products on the slacker timetable! It's a brilliant, lovely thing and -in addition to the weekly/monthly target and outline sections- just holding it has inspired me to go out and achieve great things this year! Highly recommended; nobody would be disappointed with this product!
A really great planner. I am using it as a piano practice log, and it has all the features I need. One week is a two page spread, and then it has summaries of each week at the front for you to write in (a double page that covers the whole year). If you are trying to make daily progress towards a goal I think this is a really good planner, and it's much cheaper than some of the other planners out there. O Warren
It’s marvellous. Nice and soft and not too heavy or bulky. Still getting used to it after using a heavy hardback diary for years. Could do with a ribbon for bookmark or something like that. Mrs B
Gorgeous diary/planner for 2018. Soft cover is a really nice touch, and the paper inside is a high quality. Great spread for the year - exactly what I was after. KW
I have been using diary's for work and personal use for many years. I have stumbled upon this by accident and I'm so pleased i have. It looks brilliant, feels brilliant and is in fact simply the best ever diary i have ever brought. I know its just a diary but if you value only the best, then this is what you need. David J Kimbley
Has a lovely feel! Well laid out and a pleasure to use - hope it helps me keep my NY resolution to get organised. O Gardiner
Absolutely brilliant diary! Quality is second to none and at a great price! I'll definitely be buying another next year! Some lined notebooks to accompany this diary would be good! Maybe a product development idea! One of the best diaries I've had! Ben M
Very nice, quality product. Excellent feel and nice thick paper.
For me, personally, I really like the style of the week planner. It’s a format I struggled to find but this product fits my requirements very nicely.
Ben Allen
Great planner. Simple, Clear and Concise. It also lays completely flat. I received mine and my fiancé was so impressed she got one too. Joesph C
Really great quality, super useful & such great value for money. The size is A4! Soft cover. Thank you for making these ^_^ Fatema
At last have found the perfect diary. Great quality paper, easy to use and clear. Feel very organised now going into 2018. customer
Perfect Diary looks good and helps me plan ahead and actually remember Vicky Brown
This was the 1st product I brought from Smart Panda and I wasn’t too sure if the product would be what I wanted. The diary was a stocking filler for my Dad - one of the fussiest and worst people to buy for! However when he opened the diary, he was really impressed with the various diary formats all in one book and even better for him, week to view with day appointments! Thank you so much for a great product! Coops921
Lovely Diary, on a par with anything the big companies make. The cover has a lovely feel to it. So nice to have something lovely and tactile in a digital world! Bandage99
Good Diary. Nice soft feel, ring bound which enables back to back folding for ease of use. Should last all year and will probably buy again next year 😊 carl walmsley

My first SmartPanda diary, looks great so far, much lighter to carry round for work. Looking forward to using it.

Moll's Mum